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Dry Cleaning Services That Make Your Clothes Look New


Extend the Life of Your Clothes

Fabric Protecting Services from Our Dry Cleaners

Linda's Cleaners is the place to bring your clothes for top-notch dry cleaning services. While making your clothes look their best, we also help them fit better with our professional alterations. Protect your wardrobe from wear and tear with services from our dry cleaners in Dumas, Texas.
Shirt, Dry Cleaners in Dumas, TX
Dry Cleaning 

We specialize in spotting on different types of materials. With the use of our new dry cleaning machine that has a carbon absorber on a closed loop system, we remove the typical dry cleaning smell from your clothes. We also have a built-in still on the machine to cook or steam the impurities out of the previous fluids. It removes dirt and odors so that there is always a clean, odorless fluid being used to clean your clothes.

Wedding Dresses
Prior to your wedding, we will press your wedding gown to make it look beautiful for your special day. After that special day we will clean and press your wedding gown taking extra special care of beadwork and lace during processing.  We can also do any repairs that might be needed.  Preserving your beautiful gown is very important to keep it from yellowing and deteriorating. We preserve your gown in a special made acid -free box especially designed for wedding gowns.
 You may also want to include your veil or any other accessories. Your gown will stay looking perfect for future family brides to wear on their very special day.
Wedding Dress, Dry Cleaners in Dumas, TX

Linda's Cleaners has experienced alterations specialists who are exceptional at repairs to renew your clothes. We can also add:

   •  Zippers
   •  Hems
   •  Lace
   •  Patches

   • Buttons

Make your clothing wrinkle-resistant with our heavy starching for jeans, shirts, and khakis. If your shirts come back to you with broken buttons, bring them back for repair.
Unique Items 

Make your leather jackets, pants and ugg boots look like new again with our help. We restore the leather to its original luster and remove difficult stains. Paint restoration on leather is provided when necessary.

Make your clothes look better than ever with our help. Our dry cleaners are ready to assist you, so call us now at (866) 959-4284